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Organizor Committee

Ramin Azarmanesh
  •  CEO of Hadish Kish Co.
  • CCIMA Head of Public Relations & Propaganda Committee
  • Constituency Member of Economics Faculty (Tehran University) Graduates
  • BEC of Economics
  • Master of Animation
Mohammad Shirkavand
  •  CEO of Aria Dokht Business & Development Administration Co.
  • Vice Chancellor of Aria Dokht Tourism & Travel Services Co.
  • Instructor of Business & Diplomatic Protocols Courses- Principles and Techniques of Negotiations
  • Fluid Mechanics Engineering


Elaheh Rasaee
  • Administrator of the 58th Dentistry Equipments & Materials Exhibition Organization
  • B2B Part Administrator of Iran-Italy the 1st Information & Technology Congress
  • Computer Engineering
Arghavan Rabiee


  • Professional Motion Infographics Designer
  • Pharmaceutical Companies Brand Designer
  • the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Dentistry Exhibition Brand Designer
  • MA in Graphic Design



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