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Confidentiality & Secrecy

The event's presenters through understanding of the country's current laws, especially article 648 of Islamic Punishment Legislation and article 64, 65 & 75 of e-commerce law, do the maximum try to keep business information of participants. However, although confidentiality and secrecy agreement will be made with all scientific committee & commercial design referees, it is essential that the addressees consider:

  1. Using your delivered information is only made to evaluate your project by referees committee and present to investors and related industries.
  2. To create the upmost security to maintain thought possession rights of participants, it is necessary that while giving data and information that may result in the project's competitiveness, prevent from any other information that are of business secrets.
  3. If any business project attracts industry owners and investors and consequently result in holding common meetings & B2B negotiations under supervision of Iran Commercial Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines & Agriculture and confidentiality and secrecy agreement will be made between stakeholders.
  4. Registration in Iran Tech+2019 and sending the business project to participate in evaluation process means knowing the above mentioned items and idea owner agreement with entering into technical-scientific evaluation of process.

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