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Benefits of Tech+2019

Participating in the event brings various benefits for participants of different areas of investment, industry and technology.

Benefits for Innovators, Solution & Idea Owners

  1. Access to potential investors' network for projects, products and advanced technologies services.
  2. Creation and development of a new industrial and commercial connections network.
  3. Increase in being observed by potentially commercial and industrial partners.
  4. Increase & improvement of understanding and analysis of idea owners and innovators about target market and real request
  5. Selected innovators using of supportive, financial and administrative consulting services
  6. Participating in "The Best Commercial Present" competition and utilization of considered awards.

Benefits for Investors & Industry Owners

  • Achieving new investment opportunities
  • Acquaintance with creative groups, new technological and unique solutions to meet industry's needs and solve its problem
  • Acquaintance with new and developed achievements of technology
  • Utilizing technological, financial and directorial services provided by approved experts of Iran Chamber

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