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About Tech+ 2019

The Reason for Holding Tech+2019

The world is considering the 4th Industrial Revolution. The revolution ,which not only transfers human’s basis of lifestyle, work and relations ,but also, faces them with new concepts of “humanity”. Current changes in technology are not the continuation of any past industrial changes and have a different basis. We are in the age that changes rate of technology and creating new technologies are not comparable with their historical background. Wide perspective of new adventures in technology, increasing acceleration, technology deep penetration to human’s life, profound influence on economic, social and environmental elements are unprecedented and unexampled aspects of this era. Current developing changes, have affected all global industrial ranges and their deep expansion indicates that, not only segments of production and management systems have changed ,but also the whole systems have changed.

Advanced technologies & smart industries are at the center of new industrial revolution. These technologies, from digital (3D printing, things internet, advanced robotic) and new materials (based on Bio & Nano-technologies) to new processes (like data-based production, artificial intelligence, bio-artifacts, energy saving, and quantum computing) will be dominant by 2030. Since the technologies will vary form and way of human products' manufacturing, will have wonderful and long-term effects on productivity, employment, technical skills, income distribution, business, social welfare and environment.

It will not happen except by "innovation". From economic point of view, "innovation" along with knowledge, technology and entrepreneurship are considered as economy's leading factors and have resulted in efficiency, optimal productivity and goods diversification to meet a wide range of human's new needs. "Innovation" has been the origin of creating competitive advantages for nations, organizations, companies and even individuals in all scientific, cultural, social, economical, industrial and environmental ranges. It also has affected governor's policies all over the world, so that the most important indicator of the 21st century, in other words the 4th Industrial Revolution, has been founded based on "innovation".

In such channel the 11th Report of Global Innovation Index (GII) was published under the name of "Strengthen the World by Innovation" in 2018. The report compares 126 global economies based on so different index. With an optimistic observation, Iran's innovation rate, has increased 10 steps to comparison with 2017, and owns the 65th global level. Although, the promotion is promising of positive changes in the country's innovation national system, it should be remembered we are still lower than regional competitors like the UAE (the 38th), Turkey (the 50th), Qatar ( the 51st), Kuwait (the 60th) and Saudi Arabia (the 61st). Undoubtedly, we do not analyze the level improvement and policy making area as leaders of science and technology will concentrate on. Whereas , what is important from viewpoint of economic corporations and business enthusiasts is facing challenges in innovative business environment that necessitates deep thinking based on statistical data provided in the above report. Comparing Iran's level among other under study countries in GII report, the following considerations become prominent:

  1. Institutional infirmity in the country's innovation system has made it impossible to set up correct relationships & regulations in business environment. So, owners of the ideas and innovators' motive to create and promote innovation has faced with serious challenges.
  2. Economic obvious tensions in the country's monetary and financial system have resulted in capital uncertainty & investment risk increase especially in innovative businesses and have changed capital accessibility, as an accelerator of the range, into a serious challenge for owners of Knowledge-based businesses.
  3. The country's defect in "Business Complexity" Index has made creation and innovation problematic. Iran's place at the bottom of the related index list demonstrates the country's inability to persuade business owners to create innovation in knowledge-based products, goods and complex services. In other words, a strategic shift in economic channel and understanding innovation power in knowledge-based industries and raising economy knowledge-basis factor can improve the country's situation among other regional and global competitors. Applying the strategy will necessarily affect on research and development system (open innovation-based) improvement strengthens innovators' communication with industry and industries profit from expert human resources, consequently. Hopefully, based on the report having a large number of educated forces in fields of science and engineering has improved Iran innovation level. This matter has been reflected as the most significant in GII report. The prominent aspect, if local industries thrive, can be observed as a power for transformation of the country's economic & industrial life.
  4. Among qualified countries with effective innovation, Iran lacks an acceptable level. Effective innovations are result of applied investments efficacy in research and development and the ability of changing the capitals to innovative and qualified output. The best levels in the index belong superior technology and science clusters; it means the nations that could register their scientific written knowledge (scientific papers) in the form of international applicable inventions and apply them in development of new product and services for economic, social and environmental requirements.

According to what was mentioned above, it seems necessary and correct to change the dynamic-current business environment in order to move our traditional infrastructure to a modern one in the country. Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (ICCIMA) based on the belief and also fundamental attitude in all country's economic elements' role-playing in revolution and improvement of industrial and economic system, has started a new endeavor, in order to, on one side, use innovative youths ability and expert and skillful educated people and on the other side, to benefit from our country's unexampled industrial capacity to make possible the two revolutionary axes synergy in business improvement and industrial, economic & environmental transformation of the country. 

To hold the Commercialization of Advanced Technologies Event, Iran Tech+2019 is a primary step to do this end. Maybe it is a foreword to persuade and attract ideas and industry owners and investors that it is essential to be converged & aligned with local new business market and smart design which the most significant feature is relying on intellectual properties and innovative ideas.


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