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Advanced Technologies Commercialization Event (Tech+2019) In Iran


Today that our country is facing with economic serious tensions and changes it seems necessary and correct to create a dynamic current in the country's business environment and to move our traditional infrastructure to a modern one. Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (ICCIMA) based on the belief and also belief in all country's economic elements' role-playing in revolution and improvement of industrial and economic system, has started a new endeavor, in order to, on one side, use innovative youths ability and expert and skillful educated people and on the other side, to benefit from our country's unexampled industrial capacity to make possible the two revolutionary axes synergy in business improvement and industrial, economic & environmental transformation of the country. 

To hold the Advanced Technologies Commercialization Event, Tech+2019 is a primary step to do this end. Maybe it is a foreword to persuade attract ideas and industry owners and investors that it is essential to be converged & aligned in local new business market smart design which its most significant feature is relying on intellectual properties and innovative ideas.

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